Blue Egg Chair – Inspired by Arne Jacobsen

Blue Egg Chair

Stylish? Of course, it’s stylish, it’s an Arne Jacobsen! Jacobsen’s genius for combining boutique good looks with comfort and usability has helped his designs endure for decades. This Blue Egg Chair design is pure genius. Jacobsen made it like that because if fits the human form at-rest so much better than most other chairs. He hit upon something fundamentally comfortable in his design. Sink down into that soft wool upholstery and really relax. As well as blue the Egg Chair can be supplied in a great selection of vibrant colours. Red, pink, yellow, green, purple, the list goes on. Furthermore, leather and cashmere are available if you don’t want a wool finish to your egg chair.

Home or Office Chair

The answer is both. The Arne Jacobsen inspired reproduction Egg Chairs we supply go to a whole host of different locations. In addition to supplying a famous English Hotel with a large quantity. Our replica chairs can be found in countless business offices up and down the country, leisure centres, waiting lounges, brand new builders show homes and now it could be your home next.  You can get the interior style for your home without breaking the bank. The Egg Chair is affordable and with free mainland England delivery what’s not to like.

Designer Furniture Ltd supply Arne Jacobsen’s other famous iconic chair as well. Yes, the Swan Chair. Again supplied in a whole host of funky retro colours in Leather, Wool or Cashmere.So if you are looking to mix and match theses classic reproduction chairs you are at the right place. Furthermore, Designer Furniture Ltd can offer you a wider selection of retro chairs. The Eames Lounge Chair and matching footstool, the iconic clear hanging bubble chair, the big ball chair and egg pod chair. Take a look at our collection by clicking here.

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