Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen was born in 1910 and sadly died relatively young in 1961. Finnish by birth he moved with his family to the USA and it was there his studies in architectural design developed from his original field of expertise to that of industrial and subsequent furniture design. Saarinen started by working with his father on furniture designs and their collaboration brought early success with a first prize in the Organic design in Home Furnishings competition way back in 1940. It was later however in the 1950’s that Saarinen’s prominence of one of the best designers of his time really bore fruit with the creation and subsequent release of the Tulip range. Saarinen’s death at the relatively young age of 51 was a big blow to the design industry as we can only look back and imagine what else he may have created. Still, he leaves a fantastic legacy of beautiful furniture designs and stunning architectural buildings. It is Saarinen’s Tulip range and Womb Chair that we focus on here at Designer Furniture and our superb modern reproduction versions use the original design specifications in every way and use modern manufacturing techniques to ensure a high-quality product.

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