Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen

Customers today refer the name Arne Jacobsen primarily for iconic furniture design. Arne Jacobsen believed he was first and foremost an architect. According to Scott Poole, a professor at Virginia Tech Arne Jacobsen never used the word ‘designer’, notoriously disliking it.

His way into product design came through his interest in Gesamtkunst. A genuine worker with designs that became works of art created for architectural projects. Most of his furniture designs were the result of a cooperation with the furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen. The Paris Exhibition in 1925 proved to be successful. In the mid-1950’s we saw his furniture designs peak.


A major source of inspiration stemmed from the bent plywood designs of Charles and Ray Eames. Heavily influenced by the Italian design and historian Ernesto Rogers. Quotes from Rogers stayed with Jacobsen. This harmonised well with his own ideas. In 1951 he created the Ant Chair for an extension of the Novo pharmaceutical factory. In 1955 came the Seven Series. These Chairs matched modern needs perfectly, being light compact and easily stackable. Other successful chair designs would follow. The Egg Chair and the Swan Chair were created for the SAS Royal Hotel which he designed in 1956. Click here to view the Swan Chair.

Faithful Reproductions

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